Our approach: just what can FIS360 do for you?

STAGE 1 : Initial engagement and appraisal

The initial step is to meet with you and gain a clear understanding of the requirements - primarily the nature and status of your project or technology.

We're happy to discuss a project to get a feel for you and your team, understanding where you are today and where you want to be. Likewise, it's important for you to feel comfortable with us.

It's understandable that you may want reassurances that your IP won't be compromised so we offer a standard non-disclosure agreement that can come into force prior to any conversations taking place – should either party decide not to go any further then anything that has passed between us will remain confidential.

The FIS360 ethos is to only accept work where we genuinely feel our intervention can accelerate business growth and where we can add genuine value.

Our initial meeting is free and is designed for both parties to understand more about the other, appreciate the venture and start getting a clearer picture of what areas of support / activity are required.

Having the benefit and experience of working with individuals and SMEs to multi-national blue chip organisations, we are highly adept at appreciating new technologies and concepts. That said, we're not masters of all trades so the chances are that before we can formulate any proposal for support we'll need to get up to speed with the specifics of your sector. Should it become apparent that will involve significant investment in our time then we shall inform you if any initial fees are applicable before proceeding.

Our network extends to all the required professional services necessary for taking technology to market; we regularly work with patent agents, IP lawyers, accountants and, standards and regulatory bodies.

From our side, we'll provide you with a detailed understanding of the full range of customised commercialisation services that FIS360 can offer and provide further knowledge of how we can assist in helping you turn your IP into revenue; this is an approach unique to FIS360 and of commercial value, hence this information is not published on our website.

All of the FIS360 approaches are dependent upon healthy and open relationships: should we progress further then we'll be getting to know you a lot better and your business very intimately and the information you share with us may be highly confidential and industry sensitive, so being comfortable with each other is key.

In line with our best practice approach, we will declare at the earliest possible instance if there are any conflicts of interest or commercially sensitive reasons why either party may not progress with discussions.

Client Meetings

The client meetings we facilitate are designed with purpose. The immediate need from these first engagements is to:

  • accurately gather information;
  • understand the background to the project;
  • appreciate what success will look like – growth in terms of technology, systems, people, facilities and financial targets;
  • establish any relationship (legal and IP) between all involved parties, typically during the research phase of the project (e.g. research contracts etc)
  • understand the knowledge across the inventor team;
  • define why they think this technology has commercial viability.

By starting to develop a high-level understanding of the steps involved to take a concept through to a commercial product / service, we make sure that all key people are on the same page. By gaining an understanding of the aims, objectives and drivers of all the parties round the table at an early stage can save wasted efforts further in the process.

As we start to further understand team dynamics and personalities, there may be a body of work involved in building working relationships both within and with any supporting personnel.