Our approach: just what can FIS360 do for you?

STAGE 5 : Licensing and asset monitoring activities

Getting the best deal for our clients is a given. The FIS360 provision is a full-service offering to lead and transact (monetise) technology / IP in order to maximise revenue.


Being such a specialised and sensitive area of business, technology licensing invariably requires engaging with an experienced team.

FIS360 undertake the identification of potential licensees and, once engaged, commence activities including:

  • License deal benchmarking to ensure optimal negotiation information;
  • License deal structure and license document draft
  • Review and advise on the terms and conditions of a license agreement / negotiation;
  • Negotiate license deals with or on behalf of a client.

Deals may take the form of a single or multiple licensees with a variety of structures based on industry norms, the stage of the technology development and scope of the license proposed (e.g. field, territories etc.)

Drawing on previous experience and benchmarking, we are well positioned to review business proposals from potential licensees to evaluate the proposition (in conjunction with the client if required).

As license negotiations between the client and licensee commence, so we are able to further advise or lead with the support of legal counsel.


FIS360 work with the client or take the lead on making sure all royalties due on licenses are received. The licensee is approached (under the terms of the license agreement) and key information is requested to determine and ensure royalty and revenue income is in-line with the agreed license agreement.

We are also familiar with the post-licensing activities to include retrieval, management and distribution of revenues. If required, forensic analysis of licensees’ income can be undertaken to ensure correct royalties and revenues are collected.