Our approach: just what can FIS360 do for you?

STAGE 5 : Spin-out activities

Providing the necessary expert support and resources to create world-leading companies based on innovative technology.

Working with the client and / or early stage management team, FIS360 can support the development of or produce a robust business plan, operational plan and financial projections for the months and years ahead.

This will also include all legal documentation for company structure and incorporation of the spin-out company, should that be required.


Identifying and accessing networks of investors and/or funding organisations is frequently a direct area of activity; there may be plenty of willing investors but finding the ones who share the vision, can be trusted bed-fellows and who also appreciate the valuation of the business is a task which needs considered approach.


In the early stages of a business it's possible for everyone to do just about everything. As the business grows, competent and dedicated people should be brought in and, again, FIS360 work to assemble a management team for the spin-out company. We strengthen the spin-out company in terms of identifying and recruiting key management and technical staff. The recruitment may be carried out in coordination with a recruitment agency / head hunter.


Setting up a spin-out company and securing any / all relevant IP will involve legal and IP counsel, specialists who can be brought into play as required. Supporting the strategy includes coordinating and developing marketing collaterals.


FIS360 has a strong network of venture and corporate investors that task us with finding new and innovative technology solutions. We scout technology and can provide connections to investors specialised in early stage company development.