Our approach: just what can FIS360 do for you?

STAGE 2 : Technology and project assessment

Developing a high-level understanding about your technology, TRL level and the perceived USPs means we are better informed to deliver better advice and solutions. From a commercialisation perspective, this also means developing a comprehensive appreciation for the landscape around us.

This can be key players, relevant legislation, industry dynamics, known or potential competitors and their products or technology.

Above anything else FIS360 offer, this area of activity is possibly the most crucial as intense and in-depth scrutiny will determine the anticipated commercial viability of the venture. It involves understanding any previous encumbrances or current relationships between all parties (via legal counsel) and review any formal IP which surrounds the new technology (via a patent attorney).

Desk-based market research and appraisal, as well as leveraging from our extensive national and international industry contacts, so we formalise, document and determine:

  • who are the key players within the sector;
  • who are our potential customers and, if required, delineating into groups;
  • identify any relevant legislation that may benefit or hinder development or routes to market;
  • understand any industry dynamics and points of leverage;
  • identify current or any potential future competitors;
  • understand any competitors’ product landscape;
  • understanding of the supply chain and strengths/weaknesses therein;
  • potential opportunities – direct to market, partners etc.

By facilitating discussions and initial meetings (non-confidential) with the industry, and by using the ever-growing FIS360 network of authoritative contacts, we test the perceived industry ‘technology need’ and use this information to advise on product / technology development.

By 'sanity checking' to confirm the link between the technology and the customer helps to highlight any technical, commercial or financial risks that may jeopardise the success of the venture.

Outputs from these activities will be the production of an independent report from specialised commercialisation experts which provides a comprehensive appraisal of the technology from a commercial, technical and financial perspective.

This confirms the capabilities, the potential commercial value and the opportunities the technology offers.