Our approach: just what can FIS360 do for you?

STAGE 3 : Technology / project strategy development

Providing a commercial, technical and financial project strategy with realistic timelines and key decision milestones pulls everyone's activities into sharp focus. It's a critical stage so it's a stage which may include review and appraisal by an industry sector expert(s).

The nature of the project will reflect what activities are needed to attract any potential collaboration partners, supply chain and end users to support the commercialisation of the technology. This includes the involvement of legal counsel and their input in mapping-out the structure of any legal relationship(s).

Intellectual property is a very real asset which must be upheld, protected and leveraged to it's full commercial potential. A complete review of any IP related documentation (e.g. search reports) and development of an IP strategy and IP landscaping / Freedom to Operate (FTO) strategy (via a patent attorney or IP analyst) is likely to be undertaken at this stage.

Having assessed the technology in the previous stage we now develop a more detailed understanding about the technology, the next step is to test our assessment of the perceived Unique Selling Points (USPs) with industry (under confidentiality agreement, if required).


Using our existing network, we identify sector experts and engage with them to provide their view on the technology and confirm the perceived ‘technology need’. Accurate reach is key and the people which FIS360 have access to means the feedback is always credible and of genuine value.

Refreshing and increasing the depth of the market research data (some desk-based but increasingly speaking directly to industry contacts) means we're better positioned to appreciate the environment we are launching into.


At this stage in the process, activities are focused more on the offering to, and how we communicate with, potential stakeholders. It's not a hard sell and we're seeking to marry-up with suitable individuals or organisations who will make suitable business partners and see the mutual benefit of backing the technology.


All of this gives us a better platform from which to introduce the technology to the investment community. Rather than seeking funding directly, the initial steps are more for feedback and to generate / gauge interest. We also review / consider grant funding options to identify any which may fit with the development needs of the technology.


These initial approaches to industry and investors will highlight any obvious technical, commercial or financial risks, with the development of a clear understanding of the route to market now visible.

A detailed commercial, technical and financial project commercialisation strategy with timelines and milestone decision points, which includes input / review from a sector expert, will be the main output at this stage. For some clients, this information equips them to drive the project forward themselves whilst others prefer to retain the services of FIS360 as a partner for the journey ahead.