Industry and academia. Innovators and investors. National and international.


All diverse. All with different needs. All receive the same high standards of service.

FIS360 has significant hands-on and operational expertise in many aspects of commercialising early stage technologies across a broad range of industry sectors, both in the UK and in international markets (EU, US & Middle East, Far East), and within a range of companies from SME to multi-national, research organisations and investors.

We work closely with our clients and provide a wide range of support services. Our clients are based in a number of sectors including:

  • Investors
  • University / R&D
  • Organisations
  • SME’s
  • Large Industry
  • Government Regional Initiatives



We can provide a ‘two way’ service to investors, which includes sourcing and introducing new technologies, projects and early stage companies for investment, and additionally we work on behalf of investors to assist them with the assessment of investment opportunities, providing valuations and due diligence reviews on potential or in the review of existing investments.

Having experience of taking technology concepts and ideas through to spin-out company formation we are able to project manage, develop and implement business plans and act as aninterim board members and management team for newly formed companies establishing company governance, structure and day to day running of a company.


University / R&D Organisations

FIS360 have a detailed and up to date understanding of the increasing role that technology transfer and commercialisation play in University R&D activities. Providing hands on experience and an extensive network across UK, EU, US and other global Universities, some of the services we provide include:

  • Review and appraisal of a technology or portfolio of IP / technologies
  • Project planning and strategy including milestones
  • Funding - including grant writing, access to Venture Capital and identifying project partners
  • Market research and business planning
  • IP strategy
  • Project management
  • Licensing and spin-out formation including the necessary legal agreements and interim management services
  • Review of existing technology transfer office structure and operations and the establishment of new technology transfer units based on global best practice



As highlighted in the case studies section, a particular focus of our work is in assisting technology based SME’s to extract the maximum value from their concepts and technologies. Whether this is at an early stage and requires assessment, IP protection, market research, business planning and the route-map to a product to be defined, or for more developed technologies that need to be monetised through identifying and negotiating with the right partner for licensing.

Many technology based SME’s have strong technical capabilities but do not always have the necessary commercialisation understanding and expertise in-house to make the most of their IP assets. Working alongside FIS360 ensures that technology gets to market in the right way and generates revenue.

FIS360 can also assess a portfolio of ideas and technologies to design and provide guidance on which projects SME’s should focus their resources on in order to take forward the projects which will yield commercial returns. SME’s working in a particular industry sector have been supported by FIS360 to diversify and exploit their technologies in other industries which they would not necessarily target.


Large Industry

Similar to the services we can provide to SME’s, large industry internal business units and R&D groups can benefit from interacting with us to provide assessments on technologies and IP portfolio’s.

A fresh, independent, market focussed review can be helpful to confirm, re-direct or close a particular project(s) that may not have reached to market in the anticipated timeframe.

We have designed, established and implemented initiatives for large industry players who seek to stimulate and benefit from innovation from their supply chain partners, addressing real issues within current operations.

This has led to the diversification of local economies, communication of the problems faced by large industry to the existing and new service providers resulting in new technology development and deployment of new products to improve performance and efficiencies leading to commercial savings and process improvements in the large company.


Government Regional Initiatives

Innovus, the effects and benefits it has delivered to Cumbria, UK, in terms of high tech job creation, transforming and building an R&D culture and assisting companies to diversify their product ranges through innovation, is an example of how FIS360 have played a key role in developing a novel strategy leading to the design and implementation of a successful government regional initiative based on innovation and the development of new technology. This model could be adapted for other regions, designed for the specific requirements and aims of that region.

Working collaboratively under a best practice governance structure with stakeholders from academia, small and large industry, professional services and government agencies, the initiative has grown to become an example of the role that providing a platform with funding support, focused project selection and management can play in generating significant impact for the area and the industry players.

FIS360 also have experience of other UK and EU regional initiatives in a number of sectors (for example, regenerative medicine and energy) where we have designed and implemented schemes to foster and commercialise innovative technologies.

These schemes are now sustainable through the coaching, training and development of the stakeholders by FIS360 and have led to revenue generating novel technologies reaching the market.